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Finduilas of Dol Amroth by Biby95
Finduilas of Dol Amroth
Finduilas was the daughter of Prince Adrahil II. In 2976 of the Third Age she married Denethor, son of Ecthelion II the Steward of Gondor. She gave him two sons  Boromir and Faramir. Short after she fall into depression and hillness and died at the age of 38.
Ligth blue big eyes and wavy brown-red hair: this is how I imagine the lovely wife of the Stuart of Gondor

Despite the age difference, I think that she and her husband love each other so much... 

She's a quite fascinating character =) 

(Finduilas of Dol Amroth - The Return of the King's Appendix - J.R.R. Tolkien)

The Portrait by Biby95
The Portrait

"The room where dinner was served was no less impressive. From the glassware to the cutlery, from the crockery to the rich carpets covering the floor, everything bore the mark of Lazarus Jann. Not one object in the house seemed to belong to the real world, to the drab, horribly mundane world they had left behind the moment they’d stepped inside the mansion. But Irene’s eyes were glued to a large painting that hung
above the fireplace, which was shaped like the flaming jaws of a dragon. It was the portrait of a lady wearing a white dress.
She was stunningly beautiful. The power of her gaze seemed to transcend the painter’s brush and became almost real. For a few seconds, Irene was mesmerised by her strange captivating eyes. 
‘My wife, Alexandra . . . When she was still in good health. Marvellous days those were,’ said Lazarus behind her, his voice tinged with sadness."

(The Watcher in the Shadows - 
 C.R. Zafòn)

Here's the portrait of beautiful Mme. Jann
I've tried to draw it for a while, but none of the pictures satysfied me enough. So I chose this, the one that I've made for the Four Zafon Girls's picture .I think it captures enough the essence of the Portrait, with her eyes and the Ligthhouse in distance, all in Art Nouveau style, that developed exactly in those years (the picture was made in 1915-1916's!).
I always had this idea that in this picture she's not wearing a proper dress, but her wedding nigthgown: she liked it so much, that chose to wear it for the portrait.

(Alexandra Maltisse - The Watcher in the Shadows - C. R. Zafon)
The Hawk and The Eagle by Biby95
The Hawk and The Eagle
Didn't I promise more Knights kingdom Fanarts La la la la ? 
Here they are, the twins princes of Morcia Jayko and Kyara, a little grown up.
They're 17 years old here, that is at the time of the Great Tournament and of the quest for the Citadel of Orlan.

When the two children were no more than 3 years old, Queen Cassandra died facing an Evil Spirit that wanted to kill her sons. Soon after her death, King Mathias realizes that, even though he was a powerful magician, He could not protect both the twins, from both supernatural and not supernatural threats without his wife: so he decided to give Jayko (he was the male heir, the heir to the throne, so he was more exposed to risks!) to his step sister,the wife of the count of Talonjay Lady Selyy, that could not have children, with the promise, that she would tell him the whole truth about his family. Mathias also casted a oblivion spell to all the reign (Excepting a few people, including Countess Selyy herself and Mathias's closest friends: Danju The Wise, Sir Thior -Rascus's father- and Sir Lionel -Santis and Aryanna's father- and their families), so none would remember the prince. But Selyy  didn't keep her word to the step-brother and grown the child as her own, keeping him away from the Capital and cutting all ties with his true family. It's only 14 years later, when the King disappear, and is announced the Great Tournament to decide the new king, (since there was no male heir) that Jayko went to the
Castle of Morcia, against the will of his adoptive mother. There, in the few days before the starting of the competition, meets again his old comrades of the first knight training he had in Aldendan when he was a child: Santis, Rascus and Danju, called "the young",son of the well known Danju The Wise that was their mentor (omfgattention! From now on, I'll refer to him with the name Danju the Wise or simply Danju Sr., while his son will be only Danju u.u).
Danju and Jayko were and still something like bestfriends, being also almost the same age. During the feasts before the tournament, Jayko meet also the daughter of the king, Kyara, with whom feels immediatly a strange bond (no, it's nothing like Luke and Leia from Star Wars No, I disagree! they simply subconsciusly remember each other, since they were separeted when they were 3, 3 and half years old and have blurred memories or something like that). Leaded by Danju the Wise, the four young knights (Santis, Rascus, Danju Jr and Jayko) succeeded in rescuing King Mathias and Princess Kyara alongside with her lady-in-waiting Aryanna (Santis's younger sister), from Vladek. But, right while they were leaving the castle, the eavy iron grating closes, trapping Danju Sr. inside. The wise knight said the others to run away to accomplish the quest and don't think about him: he also say to his son to take his place in the company of the four knights, and so it is. Kyara and Aryanna also join the company: it will be in anciet Citadel of Orlan, while the knights were deal with their tests for deserve the Heart of Shields, that Kyara will find a strange manufact, The Fire Drop, one of the anciet Crystals (an other Crystal is Queen Cassandra's Shirinn) that increases hugely her magical skills, and give her the power to heal every type of wound or sickness. From this point, the story is almost the same of Lego Knights Kingdom of 2004's series, with Jayko defeating Vladek with the magical Heart of Shields. After this, finally King Mathias resolves to tell the Hawk knight the truth about his origins allowing the latter to take back his rigthful place as prince (also because he won the tounament if I have a quick think o.O). And they lived happily ever after....just for 3 years, because Vladek came back No, I disagree!, but this is an other story ;).

Dear God in Havens I wrote a Poem Wow! ! Well this is just the firs part of their story, if I'll have mind and time I'll make some aged twins for the other part but I'm not promising: I'm an hugely lazy human being u.u and I have 3 exams to do in less than a month WOW 

For some years form now, I often take some real references to draw characters: my Jayko is based on Logan Lerman and Kyara on Emmy Rossum : I hope they resamble them just a little bit, but anyway is just to you to have an idea XD!

(Jayko and his armour are  © of LEGO and Mike Rayhawk, Kyara is © of myself :D )

Redheaded Queen by Biby95
Redheaded Queen
Happy (late) Mother's Day!
Mother Tiger and her puppies Love 
First of all, I have to thank SonicClone , for reminding me the good old Morcia series and all the related stories :happybounce: 

Well, here's Queen Cassandra and her two twin sons, princess Kyara and prince Jayko. Yes, in my storyline, Jayko is King Mathias's son, but for many reasons, after his mother's death, he has grown up in Talonjay with his father's step sister, unaware of his true origin...
Jayko's twin sister, Kyara, remains with her father as princess of Morcia. The two brothers will meet again only many years later, just before the Great Tournament, and Kyara (along with her lady-in-waiting, Santis's younger sister Aryanna) will join the four knigths in the quest for the Citadel of Orlan. If Jayko's emblem is the Hawk, Kyara's is the Eagle. Kyara also, like her mother and father, has magical powers, unlike Jayko, that doesen't seem to have any. 

Brace yourself: more Knights' Kingdom fanart are coming I am a dummy! 
Feria de Abril 2015 by Biby95
Feria de Abril 2015
E chi meglio della mia Andalusissima strega dai capelli rossi posteva posare per un poster della Feria de Abril? Nessuno u.u
Quando quest'estate siamo andati a Siviglia, ho preso delle splendide cartoline coi poster di questa fiera tradizionale, ed è da allora che progettavo di farne un disegno. 8 mesi (e una Intuos) dopo, questo è il risultato =)

(sfondo,scritte e stemma -con qualche modifica ovviamente- sono del  poster del 1955 disegnato da Ruiz Villa, solo il disegno di Fi è mio =D)

Who better than my beautiful Andaluse Red-Haired witch could pose for a Feria de Abril's Poster? No one u.u

After nearly 8 months since I've been in Seville I drawn it! I bougth some beautiful postcards with the posters of this traditional fair that takes places in that city in April, and I loved the one of 1955. So I made this =D 
(background, emblem and writings -with some modifications- are from   the original 1955 poster  by Ruiz Villa, only Fi's picture is by me =))

(Francesca Fiamma Delle Rose - Isa&Bea Streghe tra Noi)


Did I ever mention to you about my incredible passion for costumes and disguises?
There are some photos of me and my dear ones in fancy dresses for masquerade parties: Enjoy! :happybounce: 

"A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" (Carnival 2013)
Flappers, Gangster and Gatsby's parties La In 1920 
1920's in Red by Biby95 Flapper n' Gangster by Biby95

"Alice in Dark Wonderland" (Halloween 2013)

:ghost :witch: This is Halloween Hide and Seek on Halloween mad hatter emote :bademoticon: Alice 

Wonderland Trio by Biby95

"Of Musketeers and Renaissence Dame" (Carnival 2014)

la-musketeer (16th) 
Special guest: the little dog Belle On Her Royal Throne Vinyl Scratch La ^o^

Renaissence Dame by Biby95
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